Lighting Consultation

Whether you are constructing or reconstructing a stadium, a theme park, a university, or a hospital, you need to give a significant amount of thought to lighting. Lighting a large facility requires power plants, conduits, and a substantial number of lighting fixtures. With advances in lighting technology, companies are seeing major, long-term cost savings by installing highly-efficient, eco-friendly lighting systems. 

On the aesthetic front, lighting is not only becoming a valuable tool to enhance an interior or exterior application of a venue, but lighting can also impact mood, productivity, performance and improve the optical appeal of a building. With the perfect amount of lighting, shadows, colors, and equipment, a building can become a beautiful display of architecture. If you’re considering a large-scale construction project or are planning on replacing your facility’s lighting system, we can provide several state-of-the-arts options. Call today.

Why Consult with an Electrical Engineer?

When you consider the amount of knowledge and detail that needs to go into a large-scale lighting project, it becomes immediately apparent why you need to contract an electrical engineering firm to make sure that your project meets all requirements:

  • Sufficient illumination to meet regulatory agency requirements
  • Adequate power to keep your lights illuminated during peak usage times
  • Concealed wiring and conduits
  • Energy-efficient illumination products that provide maximum lumens per watt
  • Decorative and architectural considerations

A professional electrical engineer with expertise in lighting systems has extensive technical knowledge of color temperatures, controls and sensors, and positioning angles. When it comes to specific lighting and installation projects, a lighting engineer can identify the best fixtures to use to help you achieve your goals.

A lighting engineer’s main job is to reduce lighting costs, advise clients on which fixtures to use, and ensure regulatory compliance. Using knowledge of lighting design, electrical codes, construction, environmental impact, and artistic values, a lighting engineer will assist you to hugely reduce costs. Lighting engineers know the good and bad of the lighting that they choose for your project.

What a lighting engineer can do for you:

  • provide expert advice and solutions for beautiful and functional lighting
  • recommend sustainable lighting options that will create luxurious effects
  • convert your lighting needs into a clear design with everything required for purchasing and installation
  • design light that is functional, dynamic and enhances your living and workspaces
  • review the architecture and existing electrical plan of your building
  • draft a plan that incorporates your lighting goals with the property

Lighting Design and Technology

Lighting is transformative and is widely considered one of the most vital elements of great architecture and lighting engineers know this very well. The purpose of lighting design is to use lighting to amplify the utility and aesthetics of spaces. Light design engineers will use techniques that allow the lighting to become an extension of the building(s) or outdoor facilities. 

According to the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), illumination is the ephemeral partner of architecture. Light is invisible until it strikes an object or surface. And it is controlling this difficult, transitory medium that gives the lighting specialist the ability to create hierarchies, dynamics, and mood. Lighting design is a technical medium that requires a good eye and a robust mastery of various areas as well as a technical knowledge of the apparatuses, construction, and installation. 

Save on Energy Bills and Cost

A lighting consultation can offer clients potential energy savings. For example, this can be achieved by incorporating more energy-efficient light bulbs. LED retrofits are popular among project managers who wish to modernize their buildings. This is done by switching out the old halogen, fluorescent, or other traditional lighting sources to new energy-saving LEDs. For more energy-saving applications, contact a Hall Engineering Group consultant today.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES), states that LED lighting products typically provide energy reductions of 70% over the products replaced, making them attractive solutions both financially and environmentally. Not only are they significantly more efficient, but their smaller size makes them more controllable, allowing the use of advanced optical designs to provide superior illumination.

Lighting Consultation for Commercial Clients

If you are a property manager or owner and you use your building for business or commercial purposes, the goal is to optimize the visual appeal of your architecture in terms of design and functionality to capture people’s attention. With a lighting consultation specialist, you can achieve your business and aesthetic goals for your property.

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